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The United States of America has been a british colony and the country is also a corporation with the Act of 1871 (info further down below)

Please discern for yourself with the "MUST KNOW" educational material here.  

Was USA colonized?
British colonization of the Americas. The British colonization of the Americas (including colonization by both the English and the Scots) began in 1607 in Jamestown, Virginia, and reached its peak when colonies had been established throughout the Americas.

Must know info:  We are being killed / murdered by the satanic / luciferian dark forces aka the cabal.  VLTV Exclusive interview...Deborah Tavares and Alexandra JB  Part 1 of 3 (Jan 2019)

Part 2 of 3 (Jan 2019)

Part 3 of 3 (Jan 28, 2019)

The USA is in deep trouble, John B. Wells interviews Dr. Darrell Hamamoto (March 11, 2019) - - University of California (UC) system is all messed up... Education for our children has been suppressed....

General Accounting & the Corporation Nation
Feb 28, 2019   CAFR Report (Complete Annual Financial report) 


Something strange is happening with the $100 bill

March 4, 2019

The uncommon law of the land and sea (Feb 21, 2019)

The deadly 5G... February 17, 2019

ISRAEL is Behind Deadly 5G Technology & The Extermination of Planet Earth!

More on 5G

What you are not supposed to know about America's founding (Oct 19, 2016)

A must watch (lawyer believes in 2nd Amendment for "self defense" !!!)   January 18, 2019

===> Time to dis-barr D.C. Swamp Rats with special guest (lawyer) Larry Klayman:

Larry Klayman setting the AG bar low 

Greg Hunter interviews Catherine Fitts (Nov 24, 2018) : Government taking mass amounts of dark money


Jason Goodman interviews Catherine Fitts (Jan 12, 2019):  Federal government running secret open bailout 
(at the border...)  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mi6S4zrFjPg USA Inc. predatory government betrayal (Deborah Tavares and Dr. Ed Spencer - May 15, 2014)

Accounting firms bankrupting all cities (all cities, states, and the federal governments are "corporations" !!!) - - Jan 7, 2019

Pelosi put global invaders first, americans last

Jan 5, 2019

How the brits tried to overthrow Trump (Dec 30, 2018)

Does Trump know that the queen is spying on all of us?  (Jan 2, 2019)  Facebook is tavistock (a british organization mind controlling populations !!!)

100 years of british propaganda and war is enough 
(Jan 4, 2019)

Trump exposes queen elizabeth's secret plan to take over the world -  Dec 26, 2018

The United States has been a british colony and the Tavistock Institute from Great Britain has been brainwashing and mind controlling the US citizens and here's a good informational video telling you about it ... Dec 14, 2018 (with CIA created Facebook site...):

No wonder lots of people in the US don't know what's going on due to being well mind controlled and brainwashed... too complacent to do anything!
History overview not taught in US schools (Nov. 17, 2018)  - A big picture... Former Canadian Defense  minister's speech to wake up Americans:


The United States government set up is a total fraud :  it's a corporation...Income tax system is super fraud...

Federal income tax is "theft": October 2018. ...


Deborah Tavares 

exposes the reality of our problems that have been hidden from us in the USA:  We have been controlled by corporations at all levels of government (city, state, and federal) and we are the enemies of the state - - declaration of war against us for many decades already, Sept 4, 2015  (Very Important Information):

Deborah Tavares Iron Mountain - Blueprint for tyranny (Oct 4, 2017):

Deborah Tavares Cali fires - Directed Energy Weapon Attacks  Jan 13, 2018

How PG&E started the CA fires  (Jul 2, 2018)
(by using smart meters installed by the homes)




Deborah Tavares
Fires, Water and how to survive (Dec 18, 2018)

   IT'S ALL ABOUT "LIGHT FORCES" AGAINST dark forces and the dark forces have been in control of the United States (God's chosen nation)  by bankrupting it, incorporating it, and using their fractional banking system as part of their enslavement tools.  They also have been using the fraudulent corporate constitution and not the original United States Constitution for the USA Inc. (acting as the Federal Government...) and their made up laws (not lawful per the United States Constitution) to make citizens into corporate properties and enemies of the state and the corporate government policy makers get paid by the BIS - Bank of International Settlements (headquarters in Basel, Switzerland)!!!

The british never did let go of the United States and did you know that Washington DC is independent (just like the City of London and Vatican City)?  It was once called "Rome"... Some info on WDC:

A paragraph from the link below:

"The New Imperial Rome.
The new Imperial Roman Empire is comprised of three key elements: the Vatican as Spiritual Head; the City of London as Monetary/Financial Head; and Washington DC as the Military Arm, the enforcer of the absolute Cesarean authority of this system of world control."


The globalists end game
October 11, 2018


Schools in the United States do not teach this part of history to us and our children .  These so called "hidden history" video links below are a must to watch and learn from.  It took 10 YEARS for WAR CASTLES folks to come up with these 14 precious educational videos !!!  Thank you WAR CASTLES for doing this for all of us patriots of this great christian nation.

Excellent informational videos to review:

Please click the links below to watch.

About the first video:  War-Castles:

The savior of our nation:  

This is the amazing story of Russell J. Gould and how he captured the Title 4 Flag in 1999 for the United States and took over the office of post master general.  Of course we’ve never heard about this because as is explained in this video, everything we’ve been taught is a lie.  We are under Maritime Law of the Sea in a global warfare effort to control all commerce on Planet Earth!  When you see the United States flag with gold fringe around it means we have been captured and are in a state of martial law!   There is much truth in this video about your birth certificate and how the Vatican controls all commerce and brags about even capturing time itself.  This is amazing stuff that all patriots must study more about.  Here’s a link to much more information talked about in this video.  I’m asking all patriots to share and study more about this! If this is indeed true, it is by far the largest national security secret in history!  The deep state does NOT want you to learn this that’s for sure because it unmasks all their frauds!  This is why things are so messed up!

You are dead and just a piece of cargo, with your name in capitals in your birth certificate, you are considered as dead in the USA Corporation (at around 26'00"):

1.  WAR CASTLES:  The savior of our nation, April 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izmJIRUeD6s&list=PLS4hhxVmlghhchW9QazH63XHpCFBHvuo_

War Castles the bush's (Nov 14, 2018)

WC - Albert Pike (Dec 4, 2018)

WC    A-O  Rockefeller  (Dec 5, 2018)

2.   Deborah Tavares wake up videos:

Who is running America ... loaded with "must know" information for all americans:

USA Inc predatory government betrayal with Dr. Ed Spencer


3. Silent weapons for quiet wars

Deborah Tavares...


5.    More from Deborah Tavares...well documented plan to kill billions...

6.  USA Inc. predatory government betrayal



Serco's (a british company) stranglehold on the US Military - CTM #712 - Field McConnell - - topics include  Maylaysian Flight 370, 911, and many other interesting areas.  Serco is a british company:

                           911 information:

Bush admits explosives were used at World Trade Center 911: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=y8H94xM9sm4
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAGVB_hl3k0 Nanothermite was mixed with the cement used to build those towers (and supplied by the osama bin laden construction company...: https://tinyurl.com/ya5ohxnc ). When placing charges at the right locations, the buildings can be brought down via implosion...the cement blocks can turn to dust????

Let's look at another angle. There were 70,000 people who perished at 911 and the top policy makers in the US gov't get paid by BIS !!! See link below: https://www.scribd.com/document/390330649/07-05-23-Not-Gloom-and-Bloom-but-Hope From above link's page 9: Iraq was double-crossed by Bush and the CIA, and the oil holdings of this country were seized by England. Do you think you-the-people will somehow get cheap gas prices out of the robbery? Dear friends, you were not included in the plan to divide up the spoils. England and Israel do not like the people of America. Israel sent a notice to all the “Jews” who worked in and around the World Trade Center towers in New York that day, AND NONE OF THEM DIED. WHY WERE THE JEWS OFF? IT WAS NOT ONE OF THEIR HOLIDAYS. YOU LOST 70,000 PEOPLE—NOT 3,000—that is why the New York mafia was called in to dump the evidence at sea. Tony Blair let it slip twice how many were actually killed because it was British Intelligence who masterminded the whole affair THROUGH the Central Intelligence Agency. In case anything went wrong, it would not get traced back to your overlords in London. The top policy makers and foreign diplomats do not receive their paychecks from U.S. taxpayers. They are paid by the Bank of International Settlements—A FOREIGN BANK! Americans cannot pay any of their government functions (state or national) because not only is America out of work, but all your little change that is being bled from the few of you who have jobs goes straight to the creditors. Are you not familiar with how that works? It is called Bankruptcy and Foreclosure. All that you have—including your businesses, homes and land—goes to the creditor, THE BANK, to repay the loan. This includes your minerals, oil, coal, natural gas—all natural resources, INCLUDING HUMAN RESOURCES!" Excellent whistleblowing from a navy pilot Field McConnell => Serco's stranglehold of the US military: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=053YRK59xuw&t=2573s Another 2 reports from James Perloff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB2gpdYNfsw and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Aw-cS0fKnk


bush family came to America from nazi germany as "scherff" - - see nazis in the white house:

Summary of hidden history of the United States under nazis:

What you're not supposed to know about America's Founding


A must read truth articles in the link below will help people to wake up as to what lies we've been fed by the criminals running this country... the truth of how the USA folks have been screwed in every way possible (US has been bankrupted since 1933, people became corporate properties  of the state...??????????? )

The TRUTH About the
and National Emergencies!

More on the truth of the unlawful IRS, unlawful withholding of our salaries, etc...


Do you happen to know that lawyers in the USA join the BAR = British Accreditation Registry and take an secret israeli OATH (called Kol Nidre ?<--Click for definition)

(My personal story:  in 1998, I asked a friend of mine (a criminal lawyer) from college about this Kol Nidre oath, he was shocked and asked me how I knew about it...I replied: "I happen to learn about it"... his tone was not happy and then cancelled our lunch appointment for the following day... funny...ha...ha..)

The American BAR association is a franchise of the Lawyer's Guild of Great Britain:

"Your BAR attorney is a fraud" - see link below:

Using yippy.com, I searched using the following words: "Lawyers and judges also swear secret (un-constitutional) satanic (kol nidre)" and found 47 results - - - and here's a "screenshot" with some of them:


Based on what was presented above, now you should know that these usurpers of our government made us their "coporate properties" (toying with our lives !!!) etc... Here's the info about that:

More "true history" (about the income tax, the 14th & 16th Amendment, W-4 withholding, etc...):


Federal Reserve is a private corporation:
This is why the fed will be taken down !!!


Looks like the war between the Light Forces and the dark forces for our souls at these end times really intensify as these dark forces (khazarian mafia) are being exposed more and more thanks to people waking up and sharing what they know.   Sooner or later, more people will wakeup in the United States (and other people of this planet too) and all will reclaim their respective country from these parasitic satanic usurpers (aka the 13 reptilian families).


Here's the document that shows the comparison of the fraudulent corporate constitution in use now vs the Original United States Republic Constitution:

World banker Karen Hudes reveals secret US constitution

The ONE DOLLAR bill's picture is Adam Weishaupt's and not Washington's (along with the reptilian eye in the pyramid with the all seeing eye...)



James Traficant was our national hero who exposed the USA Corporation !!!!


Excellent info that the US (slaves to these anti-christ parasitic criminals) has been used by these crooks to fight their 1,000 year enemy:  "the Christian Russians" !!!  What a way to exploit their HOST !!!
From link below:

" This entire area that used to be Khazaria is loaded with oil and natural gas and these Khazarian Jews have had an axe to grind with Russia for over 1,000 years. 
 Getting the picture, folks? Can these Zionist Khazarian Jews do it alone? NO!  They absolutely have to have the muscle of the United States to pursue these stupid, petty, long-since-dead illusions of grandeur and empire."

More on this 1,000 year war between the khazars and the christian russians:

"From the link below:
"This is it, dear ones, the clash of the titans—Russia and the Khazars have been fighting each other bitterly for more than 900 YEARS!  All world conflicts, since then, have been these two trying to destroy each other—the citizens of the planet do not know that they—YOU—are the expendable pawns in all this!  The Christian Russians [Rus means “Blonds”] versus the satanic Khazars [Who are the southern Russia “cousins” of the Rus.  Remember, “Soviets” versus Russians?] "

We have to do our best to get rid of them because in the past, they got kicked out from more than 100 countries:
List of countries where these parasite anti-christ  fake imposter jews "khazarian mafia" got kicked out:

==>  All responsible US citizens should study all this (& more on their own) and know the truth.  We all have been lied to too much already and we have to stand united with Love (love our country, love the freedom we have, love one another so the country can prosper - - instead of being used for the gain of the usurpers !!!) and reclaim our nation from the nazi satanic worshippers who control our country.  Recently, we have to acknowledge and thank all those courageous people who speak out / expose this dark satanic force so all can wake up and benefit from the truth.  Our domestic enemy has been called the "khazarian mafia", deep state, shadow government, anti-christ criminals, anti-christ khazars,  etc...  what we have learned more recently through this exposure include "pedophiles, cannibalism, children trafficking, clinton foundation, satanic rituals at the bohemian grove (and else where) by our criminal satanic leaders, etc..."

Great review info about the United States became a "corporation":

Silent Weapons for quiet wars !
Nobody in California is talking about this, what you're about to see should scare you!     May 30th, 2018


To download the pdf file mentioned in the above informational video, here is the link to do so (Silent weapons for quiet wars !!!)

Instead of reading, one has the choice to listen to the above "silent weapons for quiet wars" document:


Q:  The plan to save the world June 28, 2018


Field McConnell
Serco's stranglehold on the US Military
March 31st, 2017

In this edition we at long last welcome Field McConnell on board. John and Field speak for over two hours on several important topics ranging from 9/11, Serco’s stranglehold on the US military, John McCain and Mitch McConnell, to the joy of flying different types of aircraft and more!

What was the secret that Princess Diana knew (Royal reptilian family)

Royal family secrets revealed - - Full documentary


The truth about the british royals

Royal babylon The criminal record of the british monarchy

Huge secret that Princess Diana knew

The queen is the largest land owner in the world

More on reptilians who control this planet as anti-christ criminals


More info on the domestic enemy of the United States:  The nazis in the white house !!!

Here's the bush nazi family (aka scherff):
Bush family of America as the Scherf family of Nazi Germany


Kevin Shipp, a former CIA whistleblower, exposed the domestic enemy of the United States in a different angle:

In his own words (christian agents being killed on purpose?)

Nov 22, 2018  
The deep State hidden history

Kevin is Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare:

More of Kevin's videos:


Robert Steele interviews Kerry Cassidy regarding the Secret Space Program.
At about 42'20" on, one can hear that some of the illuminati members want to come back to the Light but can not due to being blackmailed...


More exposure from Greg Hunter:

August 25, 2018  With Jim Sinclair & Bill Holter


Weekly wrap:  Aug. 24, 2018

More videos of similar exposure from Greg Hunter:



   Exposure from Operation Freedom:


         Exposure from TruNews (Ministry)

End times madness:  Pope, Pedophiles, and Perpetual war  - -  August 27th, 2018


Mueller Madness:  Deep State Plots to take down President Trump while world plots to take down USA  - - August 22, 2018


More TruNews videos:


August 29, 2018
Vatican NWO agenda & prophecy exposed



     United States is run by corporations
  (Mirror image to the BEIC = British East India Company???)

Big United Nations Secret they don't want out, but just has been leaked !!!


Interesting.... Cody Snodgres (a former black ops guy) refused to blow up the Oklahoma Bldg... and became a whistleblower (Destroying records was the main reason to blow up that bldg... similar to the 911 Bldgs???) - - Jan 24, 2018


The Sordid Truth of the B'nai Brith-ADL 

January 8, 2019

The B'nai B'rith masquerades as a 
"human rights" organization. In fact,
they do not allow non-Jewish Freemasons to join. 
Why? They are a satanic secret society 
dedicated to white enslavement and genocide
who regard resistance as "hate."



The United States is God's chosen nation and not israel...



Nikola Tesla writings through the veil: